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David and Jessica Youngblood have spent nearly two decades living in some of the most beautiful wine country in the United States...

-- including Washington, California, and Virginia. In 2015, they returned to their family farm in Ray, MI with aspirations to plant a vineyard. Since 1945, the farm has been home to five generations of farmers in Dave's family, so putting down "roots" on the old homestead has always been the couple's dream. The vineyard is now home to 25 acres of wine grapes.

In 2016, Dave and Jess Youngblood traded in their fields of soybeans, corn, and Christmas trees to plant wine grapes on their family farm. Youngblood Vineyard is now home to nearly 23,000 cold-hardy wine grape vines and was voted "BEST WINERY" by Hour Detroit Best of 2020 and Best of 2021.


Farming 25 acres of 100% estate-grown wine in beautiful Metro Detroit, Youngblood Vineyard offers a 100% outdoor wine-tasting venue complete with sweeping vineyard views, 26.2 miles of vines, a FREE baby animal petting farm, and authentic wood-fired pizza. Our vineyard is family-friendly with something fun for all ages. Call for more information on scheduling private events or booking a beautiful wine country wedding. 

Growing grapes in Metro Detroit would seem nearly impossible to most people. But for Dave and Jess, it was a lifelong dream come true. After many years of research and careful planning, the couple thoughtfully selected the perfect grape varieties known best to thrive in Michigan's cold climate and heavy soil. 


Promoting Grape Research



Though Jessica works as the Vineyard Manager, planting, spraying, and pruning the vines, she has also been very involved in the advocacy of the grape and wine industry in Michigan and on a national level. She was appointed in 2022 by Governor Whitmer to serve on the Michigan Craft Beverage Council and also serves as Board Chair for the National Grape Research Alliance. She volunteered for two terms as a board member of the Michigan Wine Collaborative and was Chair of the Cold Climate Grape Committee. Jess continues to follow her passion promoting the research and development of the most amazing of fruits- the grape!

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The Youngbloods have three children; Georgia, Gracie, and Wyatt. Georgia is currently studying at the University of Wisconcin-Superior and a pitcher on the women's Softball Team, and Gracie and Wyatt both attend Romeo High School. When they're not busy with school and homework, the kids are working in the vineyard right alongside their parents. There is an unlimited amount of chores for this family of five, and the kids can do just about everything their parents can. They have become quick experts on planting, trellis construction, mowing, pruning, testing the sugar and acid of ripening fruit, harvesting grapes, working the bottling line, and are great assistant winemakers. 

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